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The Strengths Coach ™


Helping you to find and do work that you love

Would you like to….


Create consistent and unstoppable career success


Think, feel and be more authentic at work


Feel less stressed and burned out


Feel more confident


Feel higher levels of positive emotion and positivity


Create a bigger sense of meaning and purpose in your work and life


Have higher levels of self-efficacy, self-esteem and self-acceptance


Be more resilient and balanced in times of adversity


Feel more empowered


Have more freedom


Be more engaged and motivated at work


Improve your relationships and connection with others


Feel healthier and have more energy

Is this you?

Are you an ambitious, high achiever who has a successful career history but you feel that you are no longer on a career path that is right for you?

Have you experienced an unexpected life/career change or personal setback that has made you reassess your life and work perspective?

Do you feel trapped by your job or a toxic workplace?

Have you reached senior level but find that you experience less enjoyment and fulfilment in your role and no longer feel aligned to the work you are doing?

Or do you feel that your current job is just not ‘you’ anymore?

Maybe you would love to set up your own business or would like to career pivot but need support to make that jump?

Meet Lisa

Strengths expert, positive psychology and mind-set coach to high achieving professionals who want more from their career and life.

Lisa is passionate about helping the world’s leaders and future leaders to better understand when, where and how they do their best work and how they can shine their light even brighter in the world.

Lisa is a qualified Master Strengths Practitioner and Positive Psychology expert.  She has over 20 years experience and has supported hundreds of professional people to create career success and life satisfaction through positive psychology and the transformational power of strengths development.

Lisa is also an experienced business coach, entrepreneur and Founder & Managing Director of Talent Performance, a successful strengths-based recruitment and people development business. Her combination of commercial acumen and positive psychology knowledge gives her a unique approach to helping other entrepreneurs create successful businesses that they are passionate about.

Lisa’s big mission is to help others to turn career crisis into career mission, fear into power and purpose, challenge into opportunity.  And above all to help others to create careers and businesses that bring them not only financial reward but also big life satisfaction, fulfilment and joy!

Lisa can help you if…


You are at a crossroads in your career and looking to do something different but are not sure what


You are ready to jump in and career pivot and are looking to be supported on that journey mentally, emotionally and practically


You are in career transition and want support to navigate this period of uncertainty positively, productively and to secure your next role in record time

What is positive psychology?

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of the strengths that enable individuals, organisations and communities to thrive.  The field is founded on the belief that in the main, most people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is best within themselves and to enhance their experiences of love, work and play.

What are strengths?

Strengths are an underlying quality or qualities that energises you and that you are great at or have the potential to become great at.

Strengths are like superpowers that once understood and optimised, help you to live a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life. They are also the secret ingredient for finding and doing work that you love.

Why choose Lisa as your coach?

Whether you are making a career change, taking your career to the next level or are facing a particular workplace challenge, Lisa will support you to:


Find and do work that you truly love


Perform at your best, be more satisfied and experience more meaning at work


Develop increased confidence and higher levels of self-efficacy, self-esteem and self-acceptance


Experience faster growth and development


Develop increased resilience and become more balanced in times of adversity


Think, feel and be more authentic at work


Be more engaged, motivated and happier at work


Live and work in your best energy every day

Using positive psychology principles and strengths development theory, Lisa will support you to:

Get crystal clear on your meaning and purpose, why you do what you do and the value you bring to the world

Set clear, compelling, ambitious goals and help you to stay focused and motivated towards your intentions

Create a positive, winning attitude and mindset

Understand your unique combination of strengths (the activities that most energise you and you are most drawn to) and how to optimise these to achieve career success and fulfilment

Gain a better understanding of activities that have the potential to de-energise you or that may be a performance risk, helping you to develop strategies for dealing with these scenarios

Think about positive ways of working to harness your strengths to make more aligned career changes

Target and better identify what types of roles and organisations you would be most suited to so that you avoid career mistakes or taking a role that would ultimately leave you demotivated and demoralised

Provide challenge where needed to ensure you stay focused and motivated towards your goals

Act as a sounding board for new ideas and to challenge your thinking

Be your cheerleader and help you to grow and maintain your confidence levels

Create unstoppable success in your life and work

Gain clarity and focus about what you really want from life and who you want to be

How you can work with Lisa:

1:1 Coaching (Application Only)

For individuals in career transition or career pivot wanting personalised 1:1 career coaching, including strengths assessment and 360 degree feedback where appropriate. Support throughout your career transition through transformation to successful outcome – Apply now


Jump Start - £997 inclusive of VAT

Strengths Discovery Session plus CV review and LinkedIn optimisation coaching – find out more

Strengths Discovery Session - £497 inclusive of VAT

Programmes & Courses

Coming soon

What clients say

Lisa mentored us through fairly early stages of our business. She challenged us constantly and asked difficult questions that we probably wouldn’t have asked of ourselves which demonstrated her knowledge and experience of working within start up operations. It turned out to be our most successful year of trading to date and I have no doubt that Lisa contributed to that success.

Richard – Managing Director

I have known Lisa for a number of years. She has provided me with sound career development advice and coaching support during that time. Lisa is professional and assured, and always provides superb insight and perspective.

Nick – Head of Systems

Lisa has been a great help and support whilst being my business coach. This has enabled my business to grow and go from strength to strength. She knows the recruitment business inside out and with her strong strategic advice I would recommend Lisa to anyone who is looking for support to accelerate his or her business.

Lissa – Managing Director

Highly professional and dedicated to individual career progression and enhancing team performance. Having worked alongside Lisa in various capacities for over 15 years I can highly recommend her in either a coaching or consultancy capacity.

Mike – Sales Director

An absolute professional with authenticity and continuous improvement in all that I have experienced with Lisa. Very much a "people grower" which naturally shows through. Is able to adapt to a mix of industry types which of course is an absolute asset. Highly recommended.

Narinder – Head of HR

Lisa is incredibly down to earth and personable - making her coaching relaxed and enjoyable. However, she knows just the questions to probe and challenge! I was able to structure my actions and push myself to reach exactly the results I was working towards.

Tom – Managing Director

Lisa is tenacious, focused, dedicated and highly professional in her approach to coaching. I would strongly recommend Lisa to anyone searching to achieve more.

Joanne – Head of HR

My strengths discovery session has been a big eye-opener for me. Understanding the difference between my strengths and my learned skills and competencies has made me realise after all these years why certain activities really drain me. It’s also made me realise that I’m not doing enough of what brings me positive energy and engagement in my current job. Most importantly the session has given me the confidence to make the necessary choices to change that.

John – Sales & Marketing Director

Better understanding my strengths made it very obvious why I have a stronger preference and ability for certain task and those tasks that I should delegate to member of my team.

Paul – Technical Director

I’ve completed many psychometric assessments over the years but never anything strengths-based. It’s been a really valuable process and this new understanding will help me in my current role and also in any future roles I choose.

Liz – Group HR Director

Lisa is such a talented coach she is always there to support me which I have truly valued over this last few years.

Jane – Learning & Development Manager

Lisa was excellent to work with, adaptable, patient and knowledgeable. I could certainly trust Lisa's expertise and understanding of the coaching process and methodologies. I found Lisa's manner and style of working simple and effective, leading to great results - particularly in questioning my ideas and prompting me to think more broadly and deeply. I would recommend anyone to work with Lisa and I would certainly work with Lisa again in the future.

Belinda – Facilitator

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