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Meet Lisa

The Strengths Coach® – strengths development expert and coaching psychologist supporting professional people and business owners who are looking to grow and develop personally and professionally.  Whether you are making your next career step or taking your business to the next level, with Lisa by your side you will get there quicker, happier and healthier.

With over 20 years experience, Lisa is a professionally qualified ILM accredited coach, a Master Strengths Practitioner, MBTi Practitioner, NLP Practitioner and qualified psychometric assessor. She is trained in the therapeutic areas of Transactional Analysis and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and currently studying towards a Masters degree in Applied Positive Psychology. Lisa is also Founder & People Director at Talent Performance, a successful strengths assessment and people development business, established in 2009 and working with corporate organisations.

“I really believe that you can achieve success WITHOUT sacrificing your health and happiness.  However what I often see is high achievers striving for the next big goal, the next career step or financial milestone, without giving the same amount of time and attention to their happiness and wellbeing.

Are you one of these people? I think we all are from time to time and I know I certainly was until I started learning about positive psychology. Now I’ve made it my life’s work to teach high achieving professionals and business owners like you, to use the science of positive psychology to create successful lives in a healthy way.

And when times are tough and stressful, I’ll support you through the ‘darker sides’ of life, to stay healthy and resilient.  Positive psychology is not about being happy all of the time.  It’s about navigating life and all that it brings (even the really tough stuff) in a healthy, meaningful and positive way.”

Are you…


A talented professional, used to career success but currently feeling that your work is making you unhappy and/or unhealthy


A talented professional going through a significant career transition or career struggle and feeling uncertain about the next steps


A successful entrepreneurial business owner feeling burned out or unwell and not sure what you want to do next

Would you like to…


Be successful in business AND happy and healthy in life


Achieve your financial goals without sacrificing your health, relationships or happiness


Feel less stressed and burned out and work in a more balanced and aligned way


Enjoy your business or career journey much more, rather than always focusing on pushing towards the next goal (which is often financial or material)


Get completely clear on what work lights you up and energises you and how to create a strong sense of meaning and purpose through your work


Feel happier, healthier and more positively engaged with your work

What is positive psychology?

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of human flourishing and an applied approach to optimal functioning.  The ‘good life’ and what makes life worth living focuses on the understanding and optimisation of strengths that enable individuals, organisations and communities to thrive. The field is founded on the belief that in the main, most people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is best within themselves and to enhance their experiences of love, work and play.

In more recent times positive psychology has also moved to investigate and research some of the most difficult and painful human experiences offering the potential for growth, deeper meaning and positive outcomes even in the most difficult of circumstances.

A growing area of human science, positive psychology is offering new ways of thinking and understanding to help people live healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives.

What are strengths?

Strengths are an underlying quality or qualities that energises you and that you are great at or have the potential to become great at. Strengths are like superpowers that once understood and optimised, help you to live a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life. They are also the secret ingredient for finding and doing work that you love.

What clients say

Lisa mentored us through fairly early stages of our business. She challenged us constantly and asked difficult questions that we probably wouldn’t have asked of ourselves which demonstrated her knowledge and experience of working within start up operations. It turned out to be our most successful year of trading to date and I have no doubt that Lisa contributed to that success.

Richard – Managing Director

I have known Lisa for a number of years. She has provided me with sound career development advice and coaching support during that time. Lisa is professional and assured, and always provides superb insight and perspective.

Nick – Senior Director Strategic Partners 

Lisa has been a great help and support whilst being my business coach. This has enabled my business to grow and go from strength to strength. She knows the recruitment business inside out and with her strong strategic advice I would recommend Lisa to anyone who is looking for support to accelerate his or her business.

Lissa – Managing Director

Highly professional and dedicated to individual career progression and enhancing team performance. Having worked alongside Lisa in various capacities for over 15 years I can highly recommend her in either a coaching or consultancy capacity.

Mike – Sales Director

An absolute professional with authenticity and continuous improvement in all that I have experienced with Lisa. Very much a "people grower" which naturally shows through. Is able to adapt to a mix of industry types which of course is an absolute asset. Highly recommended.

Narinder – Head of HR

Lisa is incredibly down to earth and personable - making her coaching relaxed and enjoyable. However, she knows just the questions to probe and challenge! I was able to structure my actions and push myself to reach exactly the results I was working towards.

Tom – Managing Director

Lisa is tenacious, focused, dedicated and highly professional in her approach to coaching. I would strongly recommend Lisa to anyone searching to achieve more.

Joanne – Head of HR

Taking time to reflect on what it is that energises you, really helps focus the mind on what will be the best next move. Advice on the CV and LinkedIn profile was in valuable, I learnt a lot. I have worked with Lisa over a number of years and her expertise in this field is second to none

Chris – Commercial Director Europe

Better understanding my strengths made it very obvious why I have a stronger preference and ability for certain task and those tasks that I should delegate to member of my team.

Paul – Technical Director

Lisa's coaching skills really helped me to understand my strengths and where I might be using these in overdrive. Lisa also helped me to recognise my inner voice and when it may not be correct or helpful. As a result, I feel more aware, more reflective and in control of my business.

Karen – Managing Director

Lisa is naturally warm, intellectually stimulating and a phenomenal coach, I was rejuvenated by talking through my changes and what I truly wanted to do differently. I wanted to embrace creating more space for myself to bring true balance into my life and do fulfilling work which didn’t suffocate this ambition. Through coaching, I flourished by emphasising my creative talents and significant strengths to attract more meaning and purpose. I was able to create a forcefield of positivity and magnetic energy to follow my heart and make my dreams become distinct possibilities. .

Oonagh – Chief People Officer

Lisa is an excellent coach and importantly a lovely person to spend time with. I had a 6 session series of coaching over a period of three months. Lisa has a wealth of knowledge, tools and relevant experience. It pushed me beyond my comfort zone but that was the point and it was achieved by creating a safe space of trust, authenticity and integrity. We also had fun, laughed and got to know each other. I really valued the focus on my strengths and how that framed my thoughts, allowed me to develop and re-find my confidence! Setting goals for what I wanted to achieve and looking back at the end it has been a great experience and one I will I'm sure come back to as I progress..

Karen – Assistant Director People & Culture

Why choose Lisa as your coach?

Lisa is an experienced, professionally qualified coach with years of experience working with business leaders across multiple sectors. Throughout her career she has established and grown successful service-led businesses, held senior roles in fast-growing organisations and supported hundreds of professional people and business leaders to create huge transformation and growth in both their professional and personal lives. Specialising in positive psychology and strengths development Lisa can help you to:


Create success without sacrificing your health and happiness


Get to know yourself better, gain absolute clarity on your strengths and celebrate what makes you uniquely YOU


Create a clear career or business plan, aligned to your passion and grounded in purpose and meaning


Achieve your goals consistently and with more ease and enjoyment


Increase your earnings and financial security


Embrace who you are and build greater levels of confidence, self-belief and self-efficacy


Banish fear, imposter syndrome and low self-worth


Embrace and accept the wonderful person that you truly are!

How you can work with Lisa:

1:1 Coaching (Application Only)

For individuals in career transition or career pivot wanting personalised 1:1 career coaching, including strengths assessment and 360 degree feedback where appropriate. Support throughout your career transition through transformation to successful outcome – Apply now

Strengths Discovery Session

Discover your unique occupational strengths, what makes you authentically ‘YOU’ and how you use your unique strengths to work happier, be more successful and thrive – find out more

Programmes & Courses:


Jump Start Programme

Supercharge your job search from the outset with our 1:1 career coaching programme. Find out more


Supercharge Your Business

An intensive and immersive 1:1 programme for high achieving business owners wanting to create a happier and healthier way of working in your business. We go deep to look at what you really need and want from your life and business and how to get there. Application only.