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the power of hope

Hope can be such powerful concept, especially for leaders who are navigating challenging times. However it’s not always easy or natural to feel hopeful when times are difficult or tough. In this short download we explore the psychological construct of hope and hope-based leadership, and we introduce you to the theory of hope as a cognitive process.

mind matters in business

***Updated for 2024***

Mind Matters in Business is a practical guide for leaders and business owners, to help you to assess your own levels of wellbeing and work satisfaction and to support personal growth.

Happiness Assessment

This 29-item Oxford Happiness Questionnaire (OHQ) is a widely used scale for the assessment of personal happiness also known as psychological wellbeing. You can download and complete it here, to get a simple snapshot of your current level of psychological wellbeing.

Interview Success tips

If you’re currently interviewing for a new role, this download will help you to create a winning mindset, boost your confidence and support you with any nerves or anxiety you may be feeling ahead of an interview.