Strengths discovery

What are strengths and why are they important?

Strengths are qualities that naturally energise you and that you are great at or have the potential to become great at.

They are your unique superpowers for living a happy, healthy, fulfilled life and the secret ingredient for finding and doing work that you love.

But don’t be surprised if you have no idea what your unique workplace strengths are. You are not alone!

Our Strengths Discovery Session have been designed to help you to optimise your performance and energy at work by improving your understanding of:

Your unique combination of strengths (the activities that most energise you and you are more naturally drawn to) and how to optimise these to achieve exceptional results

The activities that have the potential to de-energise you or that may be a performance risk. We also help you to develop potential strategies for dealing with these scenarios

Positive ways of working to harness your unique strengths and improve your confidence, motivation and success in any situation

What are the benefits of understanding my strengths?

My strengths discovery sessions open the door to the science of positive psychology and strengths development, giving you a introduction to both. You complete a market leading occupational strengths assessment which will provide you with your own unique strengths profile. The likelihood of you having exactly the same strengths profile as someone else is 1 in 1.3billion!

You will be supported to appreciate the difference between the type of work that lights you up and the work that drains you so that you can work more effectively for greater, success, happiness and fulfilment. Your feedback session will be tailored to your own specific career, business or life goal allowing you to learn how to harness your unique strengths to successfully achieve and move beyond your goal.

Some of the things this session will help you to achieve are;


Clarity around whether you are on the right path in your career or business and whether what you are doing is playing to your strengths or draining you and why.


Making better job and business decisions, based on a better understanding of your own unique zone of genius and where you do your best work.


Becoming a more effective leader able to hire a more cohesive and engaged team based on understanding your own strengths and where you need to hire others to support you.


Being able to make the decision to change how you work so that you can focus on doing more of the work that energises you and less of the work that drains you.


Moving past what is holding you back, using the session as a starting point for growth and really understanding what lights you up, motivates you and makes you healthy and happy.

Your Strengths Discovery Session includes:


An individual online Strengthscope® assessment plus a detailed Strengthscope® feedback report


Online video feedback to clearly explain your report in more detail


Self-reflection exercises to aid your thinking and understanding of your assessment feedback


An online strengths-based personal development mini-course


A 90 minute strengths coaching video call with a Strengthscope® Practitioner


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